About Me

Hello and Welcome! My name is Roni’ka Cotton and I am the founder of Making It Happen Love Foundation. My vision is to be an impactful leader who will equip, encourage, and empower you as you manage the stressors of life; and contribute to a lifestyle of healthy living for you and your families.

When I envision my future, I think about the people I will influence and the lives that I will change. As a Family Life Coach, I have always known that I wanted to work in a field that would offer me unlimited opportunities to fulfill my passion of serving others. Therefore, I created Making It Happen Love Foundation to help people from all walks of life overcome certain barriers by providing therapeutic blogs and virtual consultation.

My purpose in life is to spread love that will advertently create a chain reaction that will impact individuals throughout the world. Based on experience, I have noticed that many people are in pursuit for love and happiness; however, they are receiving it from the wrong people and things.  As a result, I am ready incorporate my background, Anthropology and Marriage and Family therapy, to advance my skills in helping you overcome barriers that are manifested internally and provide you with the essential tools necessary for positive life changing opportunities. Let’s grow together.

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