An Open Letter to Dad

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

In today's society, there are so many children growing up without a father. This causes children to struggle with discovering their identity, experience abandonment issues, rejection and have difficulty giving and receiving love. If not addressed, it begins to effect them as an adult. This open letter called "Hey Dad" is dedicated to the children who are ready to address these issues, heal, and forgive their father in order to move forward and enjoy life. This is also dedicated to the step fathers, godfathers, and and men who took on the role as a father figure. You are a blessing; and we thank you.

Hey Dad it's me Your one and only child who you refuse to see I think about you sometimes, I wonder if you're ok I wonder if you think of me too or how's my day I thought I'd let you know I'm doing well I finished school without a baby and I've never been to jail I'm actually doing great without you in my life 

But I must admit you caused a lot of strife As a child, I use to cry because you never chose me Your broken promises followed me into adulthood and still effects me You see, its hard for me to believe people and what they say is true My automatic thought is they're just another you But I'm growing now, getting the help I need

Plus there's another man in my life who I call daddy This man has taught me what a real father is This man has been by my side since I was a kid We laugh, share knowledge and talk about my pain Makes me wonder why a biological father wouldn't do the same Thanks though for walking out of my life

God had bigger plans by bringing my pops into my life If I've never told you, I forgive you for what you've done After all you're just a product of someone else's son I pray God blesses you with everything you need I know he'll do it for you because he did it for me

I love you.

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