Built for the Road Ahead (Part 2)

July 8, 2017



Bones provide support by allowing you to stand upright and to also withstand heavy, weight bearing activities. An interesting fact about bones is that they are capable of remodeling themselves based on an increase or decrease of load placed on them (Wolf’s Law). Bones adapt to the environment of which they are placed in. This can result in your bones either becoming weaker or stronger. You see, the stressors of life will knock us down, fracture us, and even break us depending on the current load; however, you were created to withstand it.  Your bones can endure whatever comes your way because they have the capability of healing, adjusting, and overtime returning to a healthy state.  Just like your bones, you are constantly changing based on the environment that you are in. Therefore, if you fall or things appear to be really tough, remember you were built for this. Get back up!


Tune in for Part 3 tomorrow.

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