Built for the Road Ahead (Part 3)

July 9, 2017

Bones protect the inner organs, especially two organs that are essential to life itself such as the heart and the brain. The heart pumps blood throughout the body providing oxygen and nutrients to the body; and the heart also helps remove carbon dioxide from the body. If the heart isn’t functioning properly, it can lead to death. Just as bones, guard your heart. Your heart is where dreams, passions, and desires are located. Also out of your heart flow the issues of life such as words, thoughts, and behaviors. Guard your heart because it is the number one organ constantly under attack which can lead to wanting to give up. Don’t give up or give in!


The brain constructs your emotions, feelings, experiences in life, memories, thoughts, and behaviors. Guard your thoughts by renewing your mind daily. Don’t conform to the world. Focus on things that will bring you peace, love, and understanding.  Align your heart and mind that way they can work together in order for you have a successful life. Most importantly, you have to forgive yourself and others. Let unnecessary baggage go.


Tune in tomorrow for Part 4 as I conclude how you are Built for the Road Ahead.


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