Built for the Road Ahead (Part 4)

July 10, 2017


Good morning lovely people. Today I will be concluding the Built for the Road Ahead series. We have already discussed how bones provide movement, support, and protection. Now let’s talk about how bones provided storage and blood cell production.


Bones store minerals for the blood. Therefore, if there aren’t enough minerals in the blood, then the bones will release the necessary minerals to help the body maintain a stable blood level. Red blood cells (cells that carry oxygen for us to breathe) and white blood cells (cells that protect us from infections) are produced in the bone marrow of bones. In order to have the proper minerals, you need to eat right, exercise, and get the proper rest. Eat the proper foods that provide you with the necessary vitamins needed for strong bones, immune health, and energy. If you’re unaware of the proper minerals needed to contribute to a healthy life, speak to your primary care physician or local nutritionist. Exercising is important because it strengthens your bones, increases blood flow, reduces the risk of health issues, and improves your mental health. Getting the proper rest contributes to a healthy state of mind. With much needed rest you will be able to make better decisions, have a better mood, control your thoughts and actions, increase growth and development, and be able to focus.  


Read your bible, inspirational or motivational books, or whatever it is that encourages and inspires you. There will be days you will have to recall what you have read and use those words as minerals to speak life, healing, encouragement, and growth upon yourself. In the words of Quavo, let me wrap it up. You may feel as though you’re walking through the valley of the shadow of death; however, I am here to encourage you to fear no evil. Keep moving forward. If you stumble get back up. Let go of the baggage weighing you down.  Remember you have back up minerals to help you keep moving forward, and never forget you were Built for the Road Ahead.  Have a great week!

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