The Life of Someone with Schizophrenia

January 5, 2018


Good Evening Subscribers and New Comers. As you can see, the tile of the this blog is "The Life of Someone with Schizophrenia." This blog is to give you a snippet of what I encounter working in the mental health field. Individuals who have this disorder struggle every day with the labels society place on them such as "Weird, Crazy and Psycho." The judging and labeling has to stop now!! One cannot control whether or not he/she obtains the disorder. Therefore, I ask that you read this carefully and educate yourselves on Schizophrenia. If you are a Person with Schizophrenia, and when I say PERSON, I'm simply stating that you are not defined by a DSM V disorder, know that you are loved. There are others in the world that think you are brave. I know that it can be a daily struggle, but you are not alone. If no one has told you today, just know that I love you and I see you! If you have any questions or need consultation, feel free to contact me. Remember Education is Key!



I'm just like you and you're just like me
The only difference is I hear voices and talk to people you can't see

You label me as crazy, and my parents do too
But I can't help it runs in my family but somehow skipped you

I didn't ask for this, genetics chose me
But sometimes that little girl in that corner helps me keep my sanity

Oh you must be stupid to think all voices and people I see are bad

Unlike you, they’re more reliable and are a better friend than I ever had

Yes there are bad voices that tell me to kill myself and then disappear,

If I take my medication regularly they may not come back here

Instead of labeling me, educate yourself so you'll understand
Sometimes an Invega shot once a month will do, plus a supportive friend

So if you see me in a daze or talking to myself, ask am I ok,

For that will be a start to a wonderful day

Help me get some help but with good intentions,

After all mental health is real so stop living in misapprehension.

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