While working with Roni’ka, I have gained so much insight of myself and those around me. Roni'ka has opened up my sense of self to be able to expand outside of my comfort zone. It has been a great success working with Roni'ka because with her caring personality, I have been able to grow as a woman, wife, and friend. Roni'ka is very caring and professional. She is always there when you need her.

-Mrs. Tedra Perkins

Roni'ka helped me to realize that I need to say no at times regardless if it will cause conflict or not, and that I need to do whats best for me. Working with Roni'ka has been a success because she is a team player and she is always willing to help. She's also always concerned for my well being. If interested, get  on the correct side of the fence which consist of working with Roni'ka because she'll always have your best interest at heart.

-Jenna, Social Worker

If you are in need of mental clarity, you have come to the right place; Ronika's blog. Cause and effect are often ignored when finding the root cause of a problem, rest assured that you will be inspired and motivated by the insightful words of advise from a professional, warm and caring soul whom will help you to see clearly.


Having a peace of mind and more confidence in myself is something I've gained working with Roni'ka. Just having an ear to listen has always been helpful in my case. Not attempting to over talk someone just to get a point across shows that she's fully engaged and is listening to what is troubling someone. She is worth your time and she gives the best advice. She tells you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. She's the best.

-Ains, Automation Tech

The two most improvements I've experienced from working with Roni'ka has been the virtue of patience and to stay focused on your goals. Working with Roni'ka has been successful because: it made me realize my self worth and professional Integrity. I would say to a potential client to go ahead and work with Roni'ka. You'll be glad you did. She will improve your nourishment in mind, body, and spirit.

-Roberta, Nurse

Roni’ka Cotton has helped improve my confidence in myself and my faith in God. I use to be a very insecure person, I doubted myself a lot, because growing up I didn't get the love and support I needed from my father. Roni’ka was always there to give me advice, by helping me look at all the positive things in my life where I have helped myself and others. She would always tell me, “Sometimes life isn't fair, things happen in our life to help us become stronger so we can in return help others.” She showed me that I can't worry about the people who have walked out of my life but focus on the ones who have stayed and helped me become the person I am. This is where she also improved my faith in God, by showing me although my father may not have been involved she always reminded me that I have a Father in heaven who loves me and will never fail me.
Talking with Roni’ka was successful because I've opened up myself more to others and have learned to trust again, just by taking her advice. Whenever I start to feel down I always remember what she told me. If interested in working with Roni’ka, I would tell you that Roni’ka is very patient, honest, and truly listens to you. She doesn't force her opinions on you, or tell you what to do. She gives you advice and helps you form your own solution to whatever you are going through. She takes time and breaks down all the issues you are facing to really get to know you as a person and not just as another "client."

-Gabrielle Wilson, Coworker

Ms. Cotton is an outstanding human being and cares about the services she provides to her clients. She will go over and beyond to make sure that consumers are serviced correctly and that they receive every resource possible. She's a joy to work with, as well as a pleasure to make other people around her better as she displays her passion for her craft.

-Mr. T